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Complaint Policy

Background information


At BRC we maintain the highest standards possible in everything we do. We endeavour to create a positive interaction with the public to ensure what we do is safeguarded for the future. In order to uphold our high standards, and to protect the reputation of all charities we represent, all complaints are dealt with in as swift a manner as possible.


What is a complaint?


BRC Promotions definition of a complaint is:
‘An expression of dissatisfaction by one or more members of the public about BRC’s Promotions or a BRC fundraiser about the standard of service provided by or on behalf of the Charity they are representing.’
A complaint may relate to:
• Failure to follow a procedure or policy
• Unacceptable behaviour
• Pressure on a person to donate
• The type of promotion or the charity
• Failure to follow the CIoF Compliance Rule Book procedures
• Any other occurrence

Complaints Escalation Policy.


• All complaints received will be investigated in the first instance by the People & Compliance Manager.
• All complaints will be logged on complaints log with individual reference number and client reference number allocated.
• If complaint received from charity acknowledgement of receipt sent to charity within 24 hours. If complaint received from alternative source complaint registered with charity within 24 hours.
If the nature of the complaint is regarded as serious, complaint must be escalated immediately to MD and relevant manager and People & Compliance.
• The People & Compliance Manager will allocate each complaint a “point level” of 1,3 or 5, dependant upon potential severity.
• If necessary, fundraiser is suspended from field pending investigation, and electronic equipment is shut down with immediate effect.
• Investigation conducted, including where necessary, fundraiser interview, field visits, supporter call/visit.
• Investigation details to be documented on complaint response template
• Decision made regarding action required following from investigation, this may include observation forms completed, re-train form completed, induction training revisited or disciplinary action.
• Complaint response forwarded to charity

To make a complaint

To raise a compliant, please use the form or contact us on the number below.

Call 01618201391